Food Art Extreme

The inner artist is alive and well here!  Yes I love art and design and painting and making a mess with color and decorating both food and anything else I can find in life!  When you combine food and art WOW…… you get something magical!  I don’t know about you but I live life in FULL-TECHNICOLOR!

To me food is art and the in the last ten years it has taken on a whole new meaning!  With the introduction of molecular gastronomy among other food transformations, food simply looks different.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a PURIST at heart when it comes to my grub.  However, I’m a sucker for unique food art.  There is nothing more exciting to me that combining two areas of artistic value and creating something of beauty.

Artist and Italian photographer Fulvio Bonavia did just that!  In 2008 Fulvio published one of his most unique works, A Matter of Taste.  Bonavia hand crafted each one of these unique food art pieces.  They remind me of whimsical dream or maybe a Willie Wonka take on food and fashion accessories.  They are stunning!

There are few colors in life more vivid that raspberry.  It’s feminine, lush, sexy and bold!  One look at this purse and I’m ready to taste one of those gorgeous raspberries.  This accessory would last very long in my hands.

I love artichokes but I’m afraid to wear this hat!  It looks dangerous!

I have to say I would wear these!  I love ostrich skin boots because my dad and grandpa always had them on!  I also love horned melon!

I introduced my children to it the other day.  Read about that here ..……

I wonder if these would make my feet stick?

You could wear these on your wrist instead of perfume.

These give a whole new meaning to edible panties.  Enough said!

I’m a big fan of sardines and anchovies.  However, I’m thinking NO on this one.

I have to say this is my favorite food art picture in this series.  The color and shape of this helmet combines the best feelings of fresh summer fruit served outside beside the pool or at a family picnic.  Combine food memory with an evening joy ride on the scooter or motorcycle and you have a match made in summer heaven!

Wish I could buy these!

These are soooooooo cute!

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