Master of Gastronomic Tourism

For almost six years now I have wanted to start on my master’s degree.  If you don’t know me yet I’m a bit (as my husband would say) “tri-polar”.  I LOVE to learn!  That being said the day I finished my bachelor degree, I wanted to start another one!

I literally looked all over the world (via internet) in search of the perfect master’s degree that would combine all the subjects I am passionate about.  Food, science, art, agriculture, history, GASTRONOMY, hospitality, tourism, the culinary arts, travel, food writing and education had to be on the bill of sale.  “Where in the world do you find such a degree?” you ask.  I looked no further than…………… get ready………………….wait for it………………..wait for it…………………..wait for it……………wait……. That is how I felt.  Literally, until I discovered the perfect degree, a degree in gastronomy.

Two universities in Australia teamed up to offer an online master’s degree in gastronomy.  It was perfect!  Until……………………..the semester I enrolled and was ready to start………..they canceled it!  No joke, completely canceled the sucker!  I was so disappointed.  After waiting all that time and wham!!!!!!!  CANCELED!

Gratefully a year later, one of the universities, the amazing Le Cordon Bleu Australia teamed up with another university South Cross University in Adelaide Australia and started a new degree online in gastronomic tourism. Alas me hearties, I could finally sink my teeth into another block of learning manna!

I begin my studies online in January and I am pumped!  Over the next two years I’ll be studying twelve different units and blogging about my adventures.  In the fall of 2014, I will be taking a trip to Australia to finish my studies and graduate!

I’ll be taking the following classes/units:

Core Units (Part A)

  • Principles of Gastronomy
  • Food & Drink in Contemporary Society
  • Gastronomic Tourism
  • Gastronomy and Communication
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management • Event Planning and Management

Elective Units (Part B)

  • Event Design Principles
  • Strategic Marketing of Destinations and Hotels
  • Aesthetics of Food and Wine
  • Food & Wine Writing
  • Food and Wine Technology
  • Entrepreneurship

• Independent Study in Gastronomic Tourism (equivalent to two units)

I’m looking forward to taking this journey and sharing it with you!

Hold on for a tasty ride!
Tiffers ”}

One thought on “Master of Gastronomic Tourism

  1. Hello.

    I have been looking into this also and have been really interested. How have you liked the studies so far?

    What kind of job opportunities does the program prepare you for?

    Thanks for your info!



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