Meet the Poetitoes!

Obviously I would not be GASTRONOMY MOMMY without my little gastronauts the POETITOES!  Long ago when I left the industry to become a chef-instructor my students referred to me as Chef Poe.  Which was appropriate for two reasons.  One, because I am married to the handsome MAN POE and two because, well……. I am a chef…… duh!  The name Man Poe is another story for another post, however after my son was born my students named him little Poe or sometimes Tad Poe……. ha ha ha!  It was cute and endearing and well……. okay a little annoying.  Several years later when my daughter was born….. they added the collective name…….. THE Poetitoes.  It kinda just stuck and now when my former student ask how my kids are they refer to them by that name.  I guess now I kind of like it too and that’s why I’m telling you.

Every mother thinks her kids are the best and I’m no different.  I think it’s natural to be super proud of your little ones and want to give them the best life has to offer.  It’s NOT an easy job being a parent and you’re crazy if you think my life is any different.  I see it if anything as a domestic battlefield of sorts on a daily basis.   I’m the courageous general that has to get up earlier than them just to get my game plan together first!  Nonetheless I love being a mom and the idea of sharing my passion for food with my little amigos everyday makes my heart sing a high pitched melodious tune!

My kids love food……. no wonder right!  They got stuck with the cheerleader!  I guess it’s in their blood and they really have no choice.  They love to hangout with me in the kitchen and learn about food, nutrition, science, flavor and taste!

When I decided to blog about my adventures as Gastronomy Mommy I was at the end of a long road of denial.  I have always loved being a mom, but aside from a short time off from teaching after my second child was born, I’ve always had a fun career!  It wasn’t until about two years ago that I really started to embrace the role and dig into my calling. I mean come on we are told work and kids don’t mix right?  I always thought of my role as “Chef Poe” and “Mommy” as exclusive to each other.  When I was teaching culinary and hospitality I wore one hat and when I was home I took that hat off.  It wasn’t until I started to realize that I needed to teach my kids about healthy food and cooking….duh….. that I came up with the idea for Gastronomy Mommy!

We (women) are also told we can have it all!  So here it is…… I’m having it all……… amuse bouche, appetizer, salad, fish course, intermezzo, entrée, dessert, cheese course and digestives! Ha!  I want it all baby and I don’t think I’m asking too much!  I want my foodie career and I want be the gastronomic tour guide for my children’s journey though life.   I know it sounds crazy but the way I look at it……. you get one life…… shot and I’m going to make it count…… with the full package……… and have no regrets!  I like to bit off more than I can chew anyway…… it’s how I roll.

It is no secret that having kids involved in the kitchen and teaching them the value of eating good foods and enjoying the art of cooking is very important.  I’m sure you are like me and want to train your kids to love what you love.  Cooking and learning about nutrition is one of the most important skills that children can gain for adulthood.  So, why not start now?  Food is an adventure and I want my kids to taste the deep and swim in the fun of being on this foodie journey with me.
So here they are!  My POETITOES!

The first born……. Little Poetitoe #1

He is sweet, handsome (like his daddy:), kindhearted and adventurous!  He loves frogs, bugs, turtles, karate and snuggling with mommy!  When he was born people asked me if he was adopted because he had a full head of black hair and looked like the kid off of “Ice Age”.  Obviously he got all of his daddy’s Native American genes.  He has my dimple and shares my love for science.  He is my little sous chef and has been cooking with me since he was a year old.  I’m so happy to be his mom.  His appetite for discovering the world around him gives me the joy and energy to be “Gastronomy Mommy”.
Next are the Little She Poetitoes #2 and #3

They are sassy, blonde, curly-headed and give me a “run for my money” everyday!  One has green eyes and could be a “mini-me” the other looks like a female version of Man Poe with my dimple and energy!  They love baby-dolls, butterflies, baking and getting into mommy’s make-up!

My green-eyed Poetitoe loves to paint and create.  She is my pastry chef and if I would let her she’d play in flour and butter all day!  Her creativity inspires me and her questions about food always keep me on my toes.
My brown-eyed she Poetitoe is the most interesting little person I’ve ever met.  When she was 6 months old and started teaching herself how to play games on the iPad, I knew I was in trouble.  She is always happy, wakes up every morning with a smile and is the first one at my feet when I’m in the kitchen.  She tries to steal my coffee when I’m not looking and says “I love you mama” at the best times.

These little people are the butter to my bread and the breath to my life!  They teach me something new about life and living every single day.  When I’m down they pick me up when I’m tired from running around in circles they keep me focused.  I’m so grateful to be their mom and so thrilled to be on this incredible food journey with them!
I hope you enjoy getting to know them and reading about their adventures as they discover new foods, explore new culinary horizons and taste the success and joy that comes from experiencing the gastronomic arts.

Hold on Poetitoes…………… it’s going to be a tasty ride!


Your Gastronomy Mommy :)

2 thoughts on “Meet the Poetitoes!

  1. I love it, I love it, I love it, did I say I love it? No one in the entire world can write, cook, love, imagine, create, or make beautiful grandchildren like you. Guess who?

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