Life Perspectives

Hi there and welcome to my blog.  My name is Tiffany.  Some people call me Chef Poe others call me Tiffers.  I’m a wife, mommy, certified executive chef, food stylist, former biology major, lover of art and music, educator, nutrition advocate, foodprenuer and cheerleader of life!

If I were to sum up all my passions and interests into one word it would be……. GASTRONOMY! No it’s not the study of gas or the passing of gas (yuck)!

Gastronomy is the art of eating well and understanding how food connects all the subjects in life.  Aside from my family and moral convictions I have two passions: FOOD AND THE EDUCATION THEREOF.   That’s why I love GASTRONOMY.

Join me as I take you on a tour into my weird world where science, art, food, family and fun come together.  I also hope that this site will give you some food for thought on the beauty, mystery, controversy, history, culture, fashion, fame and fellowship that encompasses mankind’s favorite pursuit……….. FOOD!

I started blogging in 2012 as a creative outlet for my own recipes and adventures.   Coming from the education world, I am a reluctant blogger.  My first choice in communication is 100% verbal.  There are certainly times the written word intimidates and antagonizes me.   However, after working with some famous bloggers and realizing the potential to share and educate online, I have finally decided to embrace this world they call “blogging” and pursue this medium with passion.

DSC_6956My family and I live in beautiful Osage County Oklahoma near The Tall Grass Prairie Preserve.   We moved here several years ago and purchased an old home that we converted to a bed and breakfast.  The Grandview Inn B&B opened in April 2012 and we’ve been enjoying the amazing world of hospitality and tourism ever since.  Part of my blog highlights recipes and home-improvement projects we embark on here at the B&B.  Other posts are more focused on my passion for food and my food adventures.  Grandview Poster Photo

One such food adventure is my newest undertaking, Plum Delicious Mobile Events.  Several years ago I got the notion that owning a food truck would be really fun!  I have a deep love for Mediterrasian cuisine/culture and love to share the flavors form those regions with my customers.  So with lots of energy and a good business partner I launched Plum Delicious Mobile Events in Fall 2013.  Some of the recipes you see on the site are featured on the truck and in our catering menus.

Plum Sample Photo

At the end of the day though, I’m still a teacher at heart.  I spent over a decade in the classroom sharing my love for the hospitality and culinary arts.   I’ve had the pleasure of sharing with thousands of students ranging from high school students to convicted felons and adult career changers to small children.  My favorite activity in life is inspiring others through food and teaching them to savor the art of fellowship one bite at a time.  DSC_8470

I hope you’ll join me on an adventure of stories, recipes, challenges and triumphs as I take you through the wonderful world of gastronomy.


Get hungry,

Tiffany Poe

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